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Subdued Intelligensia


Celebrating the subdued intelligence of nature with texture and color.

Sydnie Kleiva


Find me on Instagram @subduedintelligensia

Beauty in the idea that you can always zoom the lense of life infinitely inward, and outward drives my creative force. As a young person, I found comfort in the repetitive circular pattern work in mandalas, and as I grow they continue to provide therapy. My work pushes more into exploratory regions as I delve into working with different mediums. I am inspired by performance visionaries like Björk and visual artists like Alfredo Arreguin. I listen to the melodic songwriter Jessica Pratt and the creationary musical talent Claudio Sanchez to receive jagged awe in high places while I work. This website is my intertidal place of inspiration as I bring life to pieces.  

Please enjoy my day-glo perspective. 

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