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With Braw

This one is for everyone, but when I say I have big tits it's for the ladies. I have big tits. They aren’t perky, or firm. They giggle, sway, and bounce their way into nearly all onlookers gaze if I don’t equip myself a bra with padding and a thick shirt. If I don’t, people make assumptions. I can’t say for sure that I know what people are thinking about me, but I have a pretty good Idea that when people look at a woman who isn’t wearing a bra, especially with big boobies, they aren’t thinking “She looks so professional!”. I get the impression that they think I am trying to show off, or that I am a sloppy person. Maybe they think I am a hippie, or that I am looking for sex. Whatever their opinions, the only right answer is because I don’t like wearing a bra. The problem with this is that it isn’t a quiz that people take to be graded on. Their answer is judgement of me, and as much as the punky 15-year-old me wants to give them the finger and tell them off, it wouldn’t be in my best interest. I want people to think of me as intelligent, chic, put together, original, and driven. No matter how many credentials that I could give to show that, lack of a bra would throw me under the bus in a heartbeat.

This is a seriously dynamic issue that could be argued and counter argued in so many ways. My stance on the issue is that at a certain point in the professional world it is acceptable to require a bra to be considered professional. I can’t imagine a suit, tie, and overcoat on a hot day is any less of a drag. However this judgement of “credentials” starts and escalates to so many places where credentials are absolutely a non issue. I will use my experience as an example. I work in the restaurant industry, and I have since before I could legally drive. I know the ins and outs of service up to just below a Michelin star. Service doesn’t need a degree, or even experience most of the time at this level. Show up on time, do the job, be nice, and repeat. Unlike asking women to wear a shirt with sleeves because she isn’t shaving her underarms, bras serve no purpose to the health of others. A common misconception that women have is that asking to cover your hairy pits is sexist, but it isn’t. It is a health code issue, and men are required the same thing. So what would happen if I showed up to work without a bra? Obvious looks and comments from customers aside, could my employer argue that being family friendly means I have to wear a bra? It really does seem like the issue comes from people not wanting to know that I have nipples, or boobs that giggle. I do, and oftentimes they do too. It makes me personally feel ashamed. I feel ashamed because I take on the guilt that I am making people uncomfortable by not strapping myself down. Rationally I know that It is not my fault that they are uncomfortable. It is 100% their fault in my case because I dress modestly. I am not shoving my boobies in their face, or wearing see through fabric without a bra, but at the end of the day it’s considered inappropriate by a lot of families. At this point, could it still be discriminatory for me to have to wear a bra? I don’t think so, but is that wrong? Yes. Consider the bra in an office setting. This is much easier of an issue for me. You aren't trying to stand up against the brainwashing of an entire culture. If someone who in writing requires a business casual dress, then there would be no grounds to require me to wear a bra. If there was any kind of argument against that it would absolutely be discriminatory. However, once you enter the world of strict business attire, I believe that it would be acceptable to ask that no nipple, or giggle is present. My argument for this is; if men are required to wear a three-piece suit and tie, then it isn’t unreasonable for women to have to wear a bra, blouse and bottoms.

With my lines drawn, and my reasoning stated, I think it’s time I walk the walk. Time to dress with braw, and ditch the bra. I will be disregarded, or I will be considered for the wrong reasons moving into new professions, so going against the current is going to take a lot of support. Telling myself that I wouldn’t want to work for someone who is close minded enough to disregard me because of a garment, or lack thereof is easy, but not true. There will be plenty of people that I want to work for, and won’t be able to because of my free range boobs. I am here for those who want to make the change. I am here for women who want to wear bras, or not. I would love more input on the matter. Do you wear a bra and love it? Do you consider the risks involved with a bra with underwire? How long have you worn a bra? How long have you been without a bra? What things do you consider before leaving the house without one?

Stay perky ya’ll! I am here for it!


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