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The Female Form

Lovely and erotic. Enticing and delicate. Strong and abundant. Women have power. Women have power hidden in the curves of our unique features. Flowing cycles of emotion that add another spice to our already complex flavors. Caring nurturers by nature, our love affair is with the world. Our curse is the world not loving us back.

As a girl I wouldn't allow people to call me cute. I said "Don't call me that!! I am not cute, I am COOL!!". I would run around with the neighborhood boys, and went by Syd. The hair dresser asked me how I wanted to look, and I told her I wanted to look like a boy. I wore board shorts, boys t-shirts, and wouldn't be grouped in with any other girls. I was a hardcore tomboy. It is interesting to look back on that now as I celebrate my womanhood.

Could It be that I saw how diminishing it is being woman at such a young age? I absolutely wanted all the respect that I saw my fellow boys getting. I wanted to hear "Sydnie will be Sydnie" not "Girls like this", or "Girls don't do that". That is what I see now. I am sure I wasn't articulating these things to myself, but I absolutely knew it to be true.

Through less than fortunate circumstances I feel so closely bonded to other women at this point in my life. I don't know you, but I know some of your struggle. I am so inspired by women who have stood the test of man, and had to work twice as hard to pass. I am proud of women who don't question if their needs are valid. I aspire to be a woman that can bring good into this world for other women, or LGBTQ. I Want no secrets with the world, and for that to be okay. I want to leave my bags at the door and Do The Damn Thing.


First Day, First Grade



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