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Restaurant talk with Loany

One vegan superstar on the rise is Loany, @growwithlo.  This was a really special interview for me because I connected with Loany on Instagram chats after she reached out to me in 2019!! Over the course of our busy lives, we have stayed in and out of connection, but we’ve always made sure to check in and give some pep to one another. 

To begin, I asked my standard: How would you like to be known to the world? “Loany is fine!”. Loany does business as @growwithlo on Instagram and makes vegan magic at Hue Vegan Cafe in Beaverton, Oregon. Find that business on Instagram, @huevegancafe. Go there, and tell me about it, Beaverton foodies. 

Personally I have noticed a shift in the way I listen to the world. I mean in terms of what kind of listening I am choosing to do in my headphones and on my speakers. I invited Loany to tell us how she chooses to fulfill the quandary of decibel stimulation.” I probably listen to podcasts more than I do music, but I alternate..”,” I used to listen to a lot of entrepreneur podcasts, and mindset stuff, but I definitely listen to a lot of other ones that are entertaining and funny and cover various topics of tv shows.”. Loany said that It usually varied based on how much she wanted to quiet the myriad of to-do lists in her brain. I could really relate to having a busy mind, especially as of late.

As I attempt to open the door to a wonderful world of artists that surround me using conversation as my key, I asked Loany where she draws food inspiration for her eatery Hue Vegan Cafe. Does your food inspiration come from family, or do you draw inspiration from social media? “My parents are from Honduras, in Central America and a lot of the food- just like Hispanic culture - is very meat-heavy, and high fat”, she also mentioned that there is a yummy-sounding menu item based on Honduran food, ”The Rainbow Rice Bowl, which is similar to what I would have eaten growing, up has rice and beans and plantains and salsa.”. I really liked how she described using her life experiences as a form of influence, “ I worked at a juice bar in college, so we did a lot of smoothies and juices and things like that.”. Similar to so many Americans, she grew up eating a meat-heavy diet with her family but learned to love the vegan sensation that can thrive within our body’s consciousness. It sounded like there is some dual passion going into this vibrant and healthy love fest of a food cart in Beaverton. Loany linked up with Karisa, a long time vegan food enthusiast. Since 2019 they have been procuring their shared dream of bringing wholesome vegan dishes to the American restaurant industry.

Curious how a new food industry wellness duo was elevating in Covid-19 times, I asked what kind of changes they have adapted to; “We opened, I want to say, like March 13th. I can’t remember exactly, but I want to say it was like early March, and literally the next day schools were shutting down.”. She described their journey of becoming available on Door Dash, and Uber Eats. “We started making granola, and we started selling off as much of our merch as we could.”. I wanted to know how much the fees from delivery services were impacting Hue Vegan Cafe, and although delivery services have allowed people to stay at home safely for Covid-19, she said they do take up to 30% of the revenue from the business providing food. 

For the end of our short interview I continued with a question I like to ask all women. What do you do for your period? “Yeah, I actually use... I don’t know what the name is, but it's like the little cup.”, " I started using it like four or five months ago, and honestly, in the beginning, it was a struggle, but the more comfortable I have gotten with it... it's been a game-changer for me.”. I know so many women can relate to feeling uncomfortable with the idea of shoving a little cup in your precious bloody flower, but monthly bleeders.... it really is worth it.

Loany was such a pleasure to chat with! It is so exciting to know that there are more vegan foodies sending their message with original menu ideas, and a passion for their community!! Thank you so much! 

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Thank you!! Thank you.... No, really.

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