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Put Your Face On.

It may or may not be clear to you now, but I am a no-nonsense kind of gal. I speak plainly, I don't like to jump through hoops, and I have no time for shitty skin. What you see isn't always what you get. People are so much more than how they look, but being healthy inside and out is more than a look. I am a vain person. I spend time and money to make sure that I am looking my best, and I always make sure to do the things that will keep my appearance in tip-top. Audrey Hepburn said it best "Happy girls are the prettiest.", and I am doing what I can to make my skin and body happy.

Once upon a time I read a book called Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins that influenced the way I looked at being clean, and smelling nice. Some of the characters in the book found eternal life with the practice of fucking, bathing, and perfuming regularly. Although the effects in the book are fictional, I found the effects of a nice smelling nature__slut to turn my confidence all the way up to 11. The fucking comes after.

I have never been a girl that truly cared for the most expensive or popular things, but quality is key. Especially with skincare. Currently there are so many great brands out there that can accommodate everyones skin type. Luckily I have fairly easy skin and hair to deal with, but I have taken it to the next level to keep my biggest organ hydrated and glowing. To begin I start with taking off all of my clothes, yeah that's right. Then I throw the shower curtain open and let the steam from my hot shower cover my dirty body. Making sure to get deep into my pours I let the hot water drip all over my face(In order to do this adequately I do this often while I wash my body and hair). Once I have fulfilled my every desire in the shower I take a nice big squeeze of Acure Brightening Facial Scrub and intimately massage my every facial crevasse until I just can't stand it anymore! Then to make sure I absolve my sinful routine I repent with a blast of cold water to wash off and finish my shower.

Now that the bathroom is all steamy you'll want to grab some of your favorite, most nutrient oil and apply a gracious amount to your subtle skin. I like to use either shea nut oil, or apricot oil and spice it up with a tiny bit of orange essential oils for a refreshing natural smell. You'll be so delicious people will want to take a bite out of you right on the street!

So now that you know how I lather up my face in private, share your routine on Instagram and tag #natureslut and @nature__slut for a shoutout!


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Delicate Like A Flower

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