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Pause To Pay Ode

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Yesterday I realized that I had listened to music for 12 hours before I had enough. Usually that doesn't happen. I am NEVER sick of blaring music. In actuality it wasn't only music. It was also a podcast. True Crime Obsessed, the most fabulous podcast ever to be recorded, takes me on a journey of garbage people doing garbage things in history  while uplifting me with never-ending laughter and eye-rolls you can hear. Unfortunately the decibels don't lie, and my ears sound like there is cotton in there.

The pause from music, and talking, and noise gave me separation from my playlist enough that I could revisit with fresh eyes, and ears. This time I made reappraise of Adia Victoria. The modern blues. The woman blues. Lady sing the blues. The first time I heard of Adia Victoria was earlier this year. In February I was bored out of my mind, and wanted to go to Seattle and see some music. Slim pickings in February on a Tuesday. After searching venues I found Adia was going to play underneath Numos. I had never been to Barboza. I gave it a "goog" , then hopped on the next ferry to Seattle. I ran into another person escaping the loneliness of Bainbridge Island in February. The show was on Capitol Hill, close to Broadway. I walked and found Barboza, but first I found The Runway. This bar had a bourgeoisie neighborhood feel with a little layer of crust on it. I people watch when I am alone, and that is often. One drink, then downstairs. There is another bar in the venue, and many more people, some of which I had just seen upstairs. The opener.... With no disrespect to effort.. I didn't like it. Many other people enjoyed it.... Mostly the middle-aged men with fedoras and hip off brand sneakers. Kind of like what I imagine L.A. looks.

Another drink just to grease the gears a little, then place myself near the front.

The band started to play and the lights were dim. Dark and dramatic, then Adia in all of her glory got in front of us all, and fleshed out the music with her song. I was so moved by the music I danced alone!! It was fabulous, but I don't think I listened to her for very long after that night. Why? I don't know. With this fall weather maybe I am looking to be more of my goth girl self. Adia sounds like the way I feel when I am the only person around wearing black.... and I am head to toe in it with piercings, and an intense stare. I don't have time for manners, or your shit... And neither does she. When I feel isolated by the notion that people are uncomfortable because of me and the way I dress. With braw, and no bra. I am a woman hear me roar, and I will hear Adia roar! Elegant, dark, honest, moving music.

In celebration of my rekindling with Adia Victoria musically, I wanted to share my thoughts.


P.S. I would love to know your thoughts too!!

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