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Interview With Jonny

I recently tried dipping my toes back into Facebook, and within a few days I was approached for an interview by a musician and recording studio owner. Jonny is the mastermind behind Organic Gold and prefers he/him pronouns. Organic Gold is a culmination of Jonny’s talents and space allowing him to create, record, and act as a record label for other artists. You can get in contact with, keep up to date, and learn more about Organic Gold on Jonny has created a plush space for artists to come and divulge their creative output into a polished gem. “I really encourage people to come to the studio, and drop by and really see how things run, and how it is to communicate, and what kind of set up they will need to anticipate.”

I spend every moment in the car singing at the top of my lungs. I secretly have always wanted to be a singer, and I wanted to know what a recording session would cost. “The long time industry standards for sound engineers is, kind of like, once you get ten years, then professional sound engineers kind of give you a nod. Like, okay, you're a sound engineer! So, I am 4 years in, and until I get a bigger space I am only charging 30 dollars an hour, if they want to do it hourly, or 250 dollars for a day.” Jonny said that he will make the call on how to charge people based on their needs. So, if I needed to head into the studio to record my otherworldly car singing talent, but I wanted someone to play along with me, can Jonny do that? “I can, but you know what's interesting right now is there is a lack of guitarists. I was looking for one for my own project even, but I have an excess of 6 drummers right now, and multiple female vocalists.” Guitarists, where are you?! Lucky for people interested in recording at Organic Gold, Jonny is capable of fulfilling roles in many positions. “It’s been me. It’s mainly people that want base, or people that want piano, or synthesizer. I provide all of those, all of those instruments I play.” Sounds to me like you will find the funk at Organic Gold.

There are many two sided debates that split the people in this world into opposing groups. Did you think I was talking about politics? Well, I am talking about electronic music vs non electronic music. “I would love more so to work with, kind of avant garde, electronic and rock music, but so far I have done some kind of R&B stuff, and I have recorded some acoustic folk music, but I am open to work with electronic instruments, as well as acoustic instruments.” Wherever you land in this great debate, you’ll find help at Organic Gold.

So, as my best friends from my favorite podcast TCO would say, I am just a hot dummy and I don’t know how to do things. I have no clue what a musician would need to do to prepare for a recording session. “So far, I have had artists, that are people that I have only communicated with through email, so I didn’t meet them until they showed up first for their session, but I let every artist that comes in here know -weather I know them or not- that a big part of what I am doing is making sure that they are as comfortable as they can be, so that they can just let things flow as much as possible. Some things they will have things really set, but they still end up, like, changing things a bit based on the session, and based on what is going on. Or, they end up adding things they didn’t know they wanted in the first place, because they come to mind. They see the possibilities going on and they really feel it. So, I just cater to everything that the artist really feels they want to do, if I have the ability to do it, which so far I have been

Thank you so much for reading!

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