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Give Thanks to 2020

Woof. This year.

There are just too many tragedies that have happened and filled our inbox, stream, or tv's with "triggering" content. My mind is like my vagina, a delicate flower. I need a balance of all things good to flush out the toxins of the harsh reality that feeds my creations.

When the pandemic was causing job loss and death in the thousands worldwide, I added my name to the list of Americans suddenly without a job. Like many, I had not been able to save up enough money to even cover a single month's rent on top of other expenses, so I found myself looking for work, looking for a place to live, and a cause to fight for. During this time I felt I was already dead. All that I had worked so hard to achieve within the previous year was taken not a month after I clutched those pearls with pride. I am quick to make riches from my ruin, so I applied to Americorps NCCC. This goal would slowly come to fruition over the course of the summer as I continued with all of the hullabaloos that needed tending to in order to serve communities in need.

I moved in with Miss Carolina, Mother Creator. Living with my parents has always been a challenge, but boy did I use my vices to satiate the twilight vampires from within. Be the perfect girl, and JUST be happy.

One hop skip, after another I found myself in a whirlwind of psychological trouble induced by extremely low self-worth. Enter psychotic breakdown, after trauma causing maniac episode, after psychotic episode. Now I find myself living and dreaming with new goals. Americorps no longer. The time is now to be me! Follow me now on a journey through time and space where I create an internet sensationalized version of my life. I am thanking my poor mental health now so that I can move forward with avenues untraveled. Commitment to myself and to those who inspire me is my mission. Be with me as we journey together through time and space.

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