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Enter Rue Santé

Did you know that I am somewhat fluent in the coffee talk? I know some kitchen talk, a little legal jargon (Thank goodness because have you seen American ballots?), and I speak the Subdued Intelligensia (My bio queen name) dialect of American English. In order to be honest with myself about my subdued intelligence, I have chosen to exhibit my English learning quest as a way to reach out to other earth-conscious compassionate beings. I am the spider spinning my web, please excuse my spiral imperfections. Thank you Jazz, Loany, and Chris for spending time speaking with me. This week I was fortunate to speak with my favorite creator of skincare wellness products Elizabeth, owner of Rue Santé. Rue Santé products are personified with mindfulness-based self-care practices via Elizabeth's website

If you had been following Rue Santé since before March of 2020, you might have been gearing up to go experience the heavenly body of skincare products available in person at pop-ups in the Seattle area. It’s no secret that our human world has changed drastically since earlier this year, so I asked Elizabeth what kind of migration she has taken to spread her wealth of knowledge as we drift further into our digital beings, “ Our brand is really an experiential brand. It's really something you want to walk them through and engage them with their senses so that they can feel the products touch the products, smell the products, and really envision their routines of self-care. “ Elizabeth is an acute wealth of skincare knowledge, but she relates her challenges this year to all brand and business owners with humility and humor. “ It’s difficult for products! How do we convey this beautiful aroma to you? You know, smell this! “ Can someone please invent the smell phone? 2020 needs that technology. “ I am doing a show this December. A holiday show which I have done before, but it was a live show, and it's a huge market typically. “ Coronavirus can’t end the spirit of gift-giving that lives within us this year, so go shop locally for your gifts at, or find Rue Santé products featured on the 40th annual PNA Winter Festival platform on December 4th, and 5th.

In my microscopic view of the world, it seemed important to know if it was easier to reach men with skinformation in an event setting versus online with terms like “self-care” and what is often perceived as pure vanity. Her response, “ the way that we’ve set up our booths or displays usually are very nature-centric. “ “ It’s not just for women I think men are very interested in what we have as well, and we do carry products for men and last I heard they have skin too, so that means they’re good candidates. “ Rue Santé carries hair, beard, and deodorant products that men typically buy more frequently. Elizabeth highlighted how her packaging is gender-neutral unless people would go so far as to attribute a watermelon red color to exclusively women. In that case, no watermelon for you! If that is not the case, then please address Elizabeth as she/her, and pay tribute to the team of creators who bring their expertise to Rue Santé by referring to Rue Santé as they/them.

Having used this sterling quality skincare for over a year with zero complaints, or suggestions of my own, I wondered what kind of customer feedback, or considerations Elizabeth uses to give the people what they want! Rue Santé both uses customer feedback, and works hand in hand with customers who reach out to customize their skincare routine, “ That is my favorite thing in the whole process of owning my own business, so being able to customize for peoples specific needs with bespoke perfumery or bespoke solution for someone's very specific skin condition. “ Rue Santé offers complimentary skin consultations to assist in creating a solution for personal skincare problems. In the past, Elizabeth decided to remove some of her products from her lineup because of ingredients that contained wheat. Creating an accessible customized self-care routine for fellow humans is truly Rue Santé’s elemental domain.

When you buy one of Rue Santé’s exceptional products, you’ll notice how every aspect of the packaging has been constructed with sustainability in mind. The few, and truly appreciated few who read my blog might know that goals to be sustainable aren’t met very easily. Elizabeth mentioned, “ It’s been something we’ve only been able to do in stages simply because the industry does not have, for example, dispensers. It’s very dependent on what you can source that is sourced sustainably, or plastic-free, or recyclable in sprayers and pumps. Many of those are made of plastic, and they're really difficult to recycle. “ Guess what you guys, Rue Santé has crafted their product so that the only non-recyclable part of their packaging is the spray pumps. The recycled cardboard tubes that each product comes encased in are recyclable. Compostable labels are attached to glass bottles that protect the products like a fine wine preventing UV damage to these vegan, allergen-free products. Elizabeth said that before the Rona she was gearing up to offer a refill service for her bottles, but refill services were put on hold until we are collectively able to move past our socially distant times.

Real talk, I have moved between 6 different living situations this year. It is so challenging to keep a routine in place. I hate this. I shared with Elizabeth who knows I am an avid lover of the outside and smearing makeup all over my pores, and that I need help! She recommended for someone who is hiking, applying makeup, and severely lacking in time the way I am, to use Sheltered. This oil is like the rosetta stone for people who don’t know how to speak self-care. The golden unadulterated vegan goodness protected by sustainable packaging is here for me and you if you are anything like me. Elizabeth listened intently and sifted through my problematic lifestyle habits to see the most effective way to cure my inability to care for myself. Oh my glob, thank you. “ What you can do with Sheltered and the reason why the moisturizers are so customizable is because they are not in a cream or lotion format they are just the essential lipids so you can really control the intensity of them. If you are having a day where you are just oilier or dryer than normal you can use it- you can dilute with water, and you can use it as a moisturizer if you are oily, or you can use it full strength if your skin is super, super dry. You can combine it with a hydrosol or something to create different textures. “ Elizabeth is dripping with skinformation jewels. I am glad to catch her in my imperfect interview web, so I can continue learning wellness from my interior to my exterior.

Speaking of my interior, I love to talk about period care! Elizabeth graciously offered some info about her experience with period care in 2020. “ My colleague and I tried them and it was interesting. We had a little bit of a problem, there was a little bit of um... It was a challenge. I will just tell you we had to watch a video in order to remove them. “ Hearing her humorous tale flashed me back to the first time I used a Diva cup when I was feverishly wondering if I would have to go to the doctor in order to remove a Diva cup from my menses factory. “ There is another product that someone was telling me about and I am not sure how I feel about it but they are panties. “ There is a whole universe of period products waiting to be discovered by women. Elizabeth was specifically referencing the Thinx brand. Enjoy the sustainability of reusable products in a money-saving menstrual self-care endeavor, or become a female dinosaur using tampons and pads that destroy our planet and your body in various ways. Evolving from a dinosaur to a demigoddess is quite a process. There are many ways to unearth your new self-care evolution, so just go on your Google machine and ask what the world can do for your menstrual quandary, period.

Thank you so much for reading!! I am so grateful to the readers of my blog. Eye see ewe.

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