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Be My Lash Doctor

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

I have been appreciating the wealth of beautiful people in the Pacific Northwest by finding new ways to connect with them. I am allowing myself to spend money on the things that help me embody fun. Girls, Boys, Aliens... I am talking about lash extensions. I am talking about blowing people who don’t wear masks out of your way with gusts of wind straight from your lashes. I am talking about Marie Lewis. I am talking about what she is here for. Turn to the left, Lashion. “So what I really want is to be known as is the Lash Lady, like the go-to lady. The lash doctor.” Woah, that is fierce. “Every ethnicity has one of those, and I want to be that for my black community.” When Marie did my lashes we chatted and she explained that she is currently going to business school, esthetician school, and she has a business selling custom made lashes! I was so humbled by how hard Marie is working, and she is 100% grade A FABULOUS. Marie owns Brown Girl Essentials, but she told me that she is contemplating a name change in the future. When I asked how she identifies her gender, she said, as you may have guessed, she/her, but also said, “I am the lash doctor. I don’t care who comes here, I am just here to fix you.” That is it aliens, we just get our lashes done by Marie because we neeeeeeeed to.

Marie and I chatted when she glued in my first pair of lashes, and the amount of work she does to further herself in her career and life puts me in awe. I asked her if she uses any techniques to stay sane and motivated. She explained that she will do something like put words into a jar, or say things to manifest healing and self promotion, “manifesting... generational curses are gone. Manifesting generational wealth... it is calming sometimes, and sometimes it's stressful because if I am in a situation where I don’t want certain things happening to me, I am going to put forth things into the jar so I can continue to build energy that way to uplift myself.” This reminds me of the way people I grew up with started doing seances and practicing forms of spirituality to rise above their generational curses. If only the people who have all of the wealth in the world could pass along a little help to the people in need, ahem... Jeff Bezos.. Ahem. Instead of lingering on my disdain I will try this magic Marie speaks of. I am focusing on the power of people like Marie who radiate with positive intentions. I am sharing my time with people who uplift and inspire my wellbeing. I think it’s working.

Marie told me that she had done one painting, but that she is better at drawing, while she applied my lash-armor. She seemed so creative. I wondered if lashes were her first creative outlet. “That was not my first creative outlet, but at the time I did want to do eyelashes, I was thinking I don’t have everything I need to do eyelashes. I am going to have to pay for the stuff and yada yada yada. So, I think what I want to do instead is just sell eyelashes, so I started selling lashes, and then I started actually doing eyelashes, and then everything happened at once!” Girl, does it. “ I feel like it’s a blessing because that one thing was made into other things, that are being made into other things which makes me feel like I am on the right path.” “Now I am looking into getting my masters in esthetician so I can do permanent makeup, microblading, and eventually I want to start doing botox, and hair removal. All of that.” Dayum. Projectile dreamz, I love it.

I’m that person with half of an associate degree completed almost a decade ago, and I was curious if school is helping curate future partners or opening doors of opportunity for Marie. “I have never taken school more seriously than I do now, and I just feel like it's because things are lined up for me to where I have to make this happen.” Marie said there has to be a purpose behind her going to school, and taking it seriously enough that it will lead to fruition. She uses school for learning, and what connections she already has will guide her where she needs to go. She said that Covid-19 shifted her mindset to take action in the direction that she feels is calling her. Good, because now I get lashes from the PNW’s very own, future lash doctor. Marie also said that she continues to be thankful for the opportunities that the unfortunate pandemic led her to. She wasn’t sure if shut downs would be as continuous as they have been, so she is thankful for all of the positivity she is able to cultivate within her life right now.

So basically Marie is a rising lash star, but how is she doing this? Are there resources that have helped her? Does she have a strong community of leaders helping her commit to her passion? “I did take a course for eyelashes, just so I could go out and learn the ropes. I took that course in the early summertime and my mindset was, okay it’s all going to be over by September. People all have to go back to school, so it's all going to be over, but it's not. So, online I reached out to a couple of people who were really accepting and really helpful, and then I do have a couple of people that are a part of my support system that help me be innovative and listen to my ideas and help make it happen.” More recently I have learned to value the people in my life that are always supportive of my wild ideas, cause guess what guys, I have a lot of them. I want things most people tell me are impractical to want, but I am finding a select few who have been invaluable as friends and personal leaders. I think, having struggled with my mental health since I was very young, I felt isolated from everyone, especially my peers, but now I am wiser and I’ve idled my skepticism. I bond with people like lash glue now. Marie said that she is fortunate for the people who support her because they hold her accountable for getting her shit in line.

Marie mentioned she sells lash kits, and hopes to have application tools coming with them in the near future. So, what is she working with right now? Fadlash is what Marie uses to create her basic lash kits right now, “ However, I am looking to come out with some lip gloss, and I was getting ready to have that in December but I don’t think it will be ready, so I am going wait until its ready, so, you know, stay tuned. That will probably be a part of the Brown Girl Essentials products. So, I might be able to play with that for as far as other products go. And then I am also doing colored lashes, that's why I needed models.” Thankfully she did! I found Marie from a post looking for models on FB. Now look at me! Not too close though, otherwise I will blow you away with my black and blue lashes, girl. “I am working with some more colors. I had somebody today come in and get purple. And then, I have some other things going on. I have green and purple. I want to be known for doing crazy stuff.” Crazy cool stuff if you ask me. I want hot pink lashes that will cause tornadoes, can your lash lady do that? Mine will. We’re manifesting it. Marie said that I should look forward to more products that she will be creating- like oils. In my bones I am a skincare oil slut, so I pried Marie for more info about the oils. “ I am thinking about something for eyelash and eyebrow growth, or remover as well... “ Keep your eyelashes peeled for the multitude of skin products that Marie is working toward creating.

The moment we’ve all been waiting for- transparency about menstrual health! “To be honest, okay so I am on birth control, don’t judge me, but I don’t get my period that often anyway so I was using tampons, I was using Always Sport, but it was so light and it hurt so I started using panty liners.” I am here for women, whatever method they use to bring comfort to their menses. Pregnancy scares are terrifying. To those who want kids and don’t understand why, or for xy’s, fear of getting pregnant can be a constant stressor in independent women's lives, but there is no solid way to cure pregnancy possibilities in a safe and 100% problem free way. Natural Cycles is a birth control app cleared by the FDA to work as a form of birth control. Woah! Futuristic, but that means no sex while ovulating..... That’s the best time to have sex, tho. “It is, like, draining, because if you’re on birth control it causes other things like, I never had so much acne before in my life until I was on birth control. My weight is so weird because I am on birth control.” Is there one solution? No. There never is. There are always many, with side effects or baggage. Bleh, being a woman... What an intertidal existence.

With that meaningful exchange, I asked if there was anything else Marie wanted to talk about. “I am more so really excited to see the black community come out of covid with so many different types of businesses, uplifting themselves. Really trying to get back the money that we earned and deserve back to the black community, and just help each other like really become more of this community. “ There is no question of deserving when you take a peek into Marie’s world and see the intentional and gracious way that she is living her life. “I am always looking to support the businesses that are out there.” Then she said, “I was just talking with a friend the other day and we noticed there are actually no black grocery stores.” I have noticed this too! The closest thing I have experienced to this is the Tana Market in Seattle, where I used to shop for treats and quick stops. I bet there are other small stores sprinkled around Seattle and the surrounding area, but why aren't they growing up into Whole Foods or PCC? It must be because historically systemic racism has prevented the ownership, and growth of businesses owned by people of color. Don’t believe me? Why? Send me a message, let's talk about it.

Readers! Thank you! I am a crystal growing slowly, I appreciate your patience as I learn to shine!

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